Rapid development and bring your business into life faster with advantage from our engineer team.

Let’s have a chance to work together with your business.

Our Strengths

Fast-growing from the start-up
With our experiences, we analyze your business and match with the compatible team will bring your start-up growing up as fast as possible.
Reach modern development style
Reach modern development style to match with almost all engineers, easier to maintain and increase development speed.
Thorough automatic deployment and test (CI-CD)
Prepare and monitor deployment and test carefully. Avoid raise bugs in production and respond problems quickly.
Provide consistent service to the growth hack
Choose a consistent service that compatible with your requirement, then available to growing up in the future.

Content of tools

Education / development using ReactJS / Typescript / NestJS / AWS and Docker / CI tools as a standard environment for automatic deployment
※ In addition to the below, please contact us for development in other environments upon request.
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Contact Information

Address: H3 Building, 384 Hoang Dieu street, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
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